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Right now we're writing and assembling content, but the online version of Chest Magazine will launch sometime in July.

We're building a men's magazine that is actually written by and for men.

We're not another out-of-touch New York or Los Angeles-based fashion magazine trying to get you to wear a dress.

We're not going to fawn over every movie star or show you how they spend their money or give them even more space to ramble on about their bought-and-paid-for political views.

Chest Magazine is going to feature the kind of men who you want to read more about. Men who are standing up for something risky. Men who are doing something inspiring. Men who are doing something that needs to be done when no one else will do it. Men who deserve to be written about and featured -- but never are.

We're creating something that we think the world needs, and we need your support to knock it out of the park.

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